Ode to sylvia


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"MEET ME HERE AT DAWN" (signed book)
–Sophie Klahr 

Sylvia Plath Portrait
–Melinda Hagman

"La Nuit" Shea Butter Soap 
–Formulary 55

"Something Beautiful, but Annihilating" Enamel Pin
–The Silver Spider

"Mad Girl’s Love Song" Candle +
Black Beeswax Tapers
–Hearth & Hammer 

"I Rise …" Lettering Print
–Andy Kenney

“Something beautiful, but annihilating.”

Sylvia’s own words are the inspiration for this edition of ODE box. The items we have chosen are meant to illuminate the melancholy and nostalgia present in Plath’s works. We wanted to focus on the way Plath plays with light, shadows, nature and times of day. Immerse yourself in the world of Sylvia Plath: light your ‘Mad Girl’s Love Song’ candle and settle in with your new book.