Limited Edition: Holiday 2016

Long Winter's Nap literary candle

$18.00 [40% OFF]

Long Winter's Nap, inspired by Clement Clarke Moore's "A Visit from St. Nicholas," is poured into beautiful clear recycled glass tumblers and finished off with wooden wicks to provide the perfect dash of fireside. It comes wrapped in a 100% cotton stamped muslin bag so its ready to gift. The scent notes of cinnamon, vanilla and woody clove are the perfect way to warm up after a cold evening walking in the snow.

Notes Profile:
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Woody clove
Product Specifications

All of our candles are made with all natural soy wax and are scented with a blend of fragrance and essential oils. We hand pour each candle in small batches. The all natural soy wax burns slowly and cleanly, and provides for a highly-fragrant candle. We don’t know about you, but when we burn candles we like them to fill the room.

30-35 hrs.

8.5 oz.

Wooden Wick

All Natural Soy Wax
[USA Sourced]

3" x 3.5” 
[W x H]

• Reusable Tumbler
• Wooden Wick
• Stamped Muslin Bag