Aged Page Literary Candle


  • Product Description

      The scent of worn pages, 
      of long forgotten volumes 
      the slant of sunlight on the page 

      rich in tradition and fragrance: 
      earthy sandalwood paired
      with cedarwood vanilla
      and clover leaf

      A rich, textural experience. Heavy recycled glass tumblers give a permanence to the Noble Collection, while the lush cotton letterpressed dust covers give an air of luxury. Inspired by the love of old books, Aged Page captures the scent of worn pages. 

      Scent Profile:

      - Sandalwood
      - Cedarwood vanilla
      - Clover leaf


      - 8.5 oz.

      Burn Time:

      - 42 hrs.

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    • Variant: Default Title
    • In Stock: 4
    • Weight: 21.4 oz


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