Quilt Bandana


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      I created this pattern with geometric stars and meandering landscapes as glimpses through portals or windows - like memories and photographs; moments suspended in time. Designed as an exploration of lineage and connection. My grandmother is a quilter and artist, and I’ve been surrounded by her handcraft for as long as I can remember. I grew up with one of her quilts always on my bed or hanging on my walls, and I learned to sew by watching her work. Her quilts featured details that spoke to my interests -- sewn stitch by stitch as tapestries of stories. I have such sweet memories of wandering through her sewing room and sorting through her fabric scraps and unfinished pieces, each color, and pattern telling its own story. As my grandma isn’t sewing much anymore, I'm creating pieces that honor her work, through my own lens and craft. _____ -Size: 22 x 22” -Materials: 100% unbleached cotton, water-based ink -Care: Machine or hand wash with like colors, tumble or line dry
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