The Raven — Limited Edition


  • Product Description

      The Raven is a complex, dark mixture of oakmoss, amber, forest greens and jasmine. Mysterious, seductive & inviting. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's infamous poem, each candle is hand sealed with a wax raven's head and is complete with an embossed dust cover printed with the word, "Nevermore." The perfect scent to light and linger upon a "midnight dreary, while you ponder, weak and weary."

      Notes Profile:

      - Oakmoss
      - Amber
      - Forest Greens
      - Jasmine


      - 8.5oz

      Burn Time:

      - 42hrs

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      • Variant: 8.5oz
      • In Stock: 0
      • Weight: 22.0 oz


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