Popcorn Pancake Mix


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      First, they pop the popcorn. Next, they grind it into the fluffiest flour on earth. It's a high fiber whole grain, and it's paired up with buttery oat flour, tender almond meal, and a festive hint of poppyseed crunch. 

      You know that rollercoaster that most pancakes put you on? Where you're super full, and then super sleepy, and then super hungry again 30 minutes later? These don't do that. These have 11 g. of protein (prepared) and 5 g. fiber from whole grains per serving.

      Originally invented to fuel an acrobat's eight-hour workout, these high fiber, high-protein pancakes & waffles will get the job of breakfast done — in delightful style. 

      Makes 24 six in. pancakes.

      12.7 oz.

      Ingredients: Heirloom Non-GMO Popped Popcorn Flour, Heirloom Organic Oat Flour, Heirloom Organic Wheat, Non-GMO Almond Meal, and Non-GMO Poppy Seeds.

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